Bringing People Together

Whatever your situation in renting property, we believe smoother journeys come from working together with people. Preston & Co strives to take the hassle out of your rental journey.

For Tenants

Looking for a fast and reliable way to rent a room?

Maybe you’re thinking of moving areas, or upgrading your current accommodation?

Preston & Co would love to help.

Why not let us help you find your perfect home. Tell us the type of property, the area and the homely comforts you require. We can even arrange a virtual tour!

All our properties are fully maintained to high standards, with all reported issues followed up and dealt with quickly, on an agreed timescale with you.

  • No hidden costs
  • Bills included with reasonable use
  • Properties maintained to high standards
  • A promise if we don’t meet the timescale of repair works, a 10% discount on next months rent!

For Landlords

Ever wished your rental property looked after itself?

Instead it gives you problems, big bills and hassle from unhappy tenants as a result?

Preston & Co would like to change all this for you.
As investors ourselves, we work closely with other Landlords to provide a hassle free solution. There is no large management cost… In fact there are no management costs or tenant finding fees!

To truly make this hassle free, we take care of regular maintenance. Including boilers and all other problems that are not structural issues to the property. All this at no extra cost to you the landlord or tenants! Key points for consideration:

  • No maintenance cost
  • Hassle free investments
  • Rent paid on time, every time
  • Often increased annual rates of return once traditional cost are taken into account.

For Agents

Ever get problem properties?

You know they are going to cause problems, take a lot more time and make no extra profit than a regular simpler property? Maybe the landlord doesn’t have time to spend on the property problems, or they are difficult to get hold of. As a result you have unhappy tenants who are regularly calling you?

Preston & Co has the solution.

It will make even these properties and any other hassle free to manage. Freeing your time to concentrate on the important aspects of your business and day-to-day work.

At the same time, monthly rent is still paid directly to you, your previous contract with the Landlord still stands and your management cost is still taken. We do all the tenant checks, maintenance in a format agreed with you, ensuring your quality standards are met along with our own.

Some important facts to consider:

  • No additional cost
  • Keep your previously agreed management fee
  • Free your time to find properties and bring in additional income
  • Regular condition and maintenance reports for you to pass on to the Landlord

Are you looking to get into property, an accidental Landlord or already own multiple properties?

Preston & Co understands many reasons people get into property is to create a passive income to get out of the daily rat race! For many this turns out not to be the case, instead becoming run down with the huge role entailed with being a Landlord.

Working with investors and traditional Letting Agents, we have been able to create this unique and reliable service. Tailored to create a true winning solution for all involved.

We take you one big step closer to owning your own time again.

What will you do with it?

A few reasons why our service is different:

  • Rent paid on time every time
  • Increase your annual rental income
  • No more voids
  • No more management fees
  • We consider all properties no matter their condition
  • Let us worry about the maintenance, we may even decorate or carry out repairs for no additional cost


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Basingstoke, Portsmouth & Aldershot

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Get In Touch

If we can be of any help, please get in touch.

There are so many great additions to the service we provide, we also tailor additional requirements you may have. If you need clarification or are interested in how we can be of more help to you, call us or leave your contact details and we will contact you.

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We also send out information, updates and FAQ, which may be helpful in running your buy-to-let properties. With some great current market tips that you may like to consider, free of charge. If you would like to be included please leave your contact details.

Any general question you would like help with, regarding your own rented property, please feel free to ask and we will do our best to answer quickly and as accurately as possible.